Winter gift box 230

Dhs. 3,200.00

Shahtoosh :

Shahtoosh quite literally means the 'King of Fine Wools'. Once part of only a select Emperial wardrobes, the Shahtoosh is the most light, warm & delicate variety of shawls produced in the world. This super-fine quality of wool which has the lowest micron count ranging between 8 and 10 microns can only be skillfully hand woven by select master artisans found deep within the valleys of Kashmir. Wool.

New Zealand wool is distinguished by its light weight, softness, moisture absorption, and maintains body temperature.
Features: New Zealand made - moisture absorption - maintains body temperature.
Composition: 50% wool / 50% cotton. - New Zealand industry - against the negative ion's movement - medium thickness- light - 5% Low friability.

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